Ensuring Continuous Protection of Your Data

We aim to provide a level of security for your data that matches the peace of mind you enjoy on vacation. At TIMEOFF.GURU, we employ top-tier, enterprise-grade practices to safeguard our customers' data. We also collaborate with independent experts for validation of our security, privacy, and compliance measures. Our efforts have earned us a ISO 27000 certification, demonstrating our commitment to the most rigorous standards.

Information security

The exchange of information between the workstations/mobile applications and the servers on which TIMEOFF.GURU is deployed is always carried out in an encrypted form via HTTP/S protocol. Our clients' information is distributed in individual protected instances of the application. All passwords are encrypted in a one-way hash. All data is immediately destroyed after the termination of the subscription in accordance with established procedures. Every user action is recorded in a designated audit log.

Infrastructure and SLA

TIMEOFF.GURU operates on a distributed containerized architecture, with our main data center located in Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) center in EU. Equinix is the leading global colocation company, with more than 185 centers in 24 countries, offering over 250,000 interconnections and guaranteeing service reliability of over 99.99999%. Equinix's SLA promise is 100% availability.

Backup and restore

The archiving processes in TIMEOFF.GURU are controlled by cutting-edge data protection software, which allows us to restore data to a specific day, hour, and minute, if necessary. Backup copies are stored in a secure and physically separate location. All our actions related to the business continuity plan are in compliance with ISO 20000-1:2011, a standard we have been applying since 2013.