Help and Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I work in a company that is already a customer of TIMEOFF.GURU. What should I do to log in?
    Contact your direct manager or HR representative and ask them to send you an invitation link. You'll receive an email with the web address of your organisation's TIMEOFF.GURU instance. If you have any other problem logging in, use the "Forgot password" link or сontact us.
  2. Do I have to appoint a substitute (vacation replacement) when I request a leave of absence?
    This is a system setting and your organisation admin can set it up according to your organisation's needs.
  3. When I want to appoint a substitute (vacation replacement) sometimes the person I want to select is not available in the dropdown menu.
    It could be that the person you want to select is also on vacation at the same time. Or the person is not in the predefined list of available substitutes.
  4. Can I cancel submitted and approved leave request?
    Yes. Both submitted and approved requests can be canceled one day before the leave start date. You have to enter the system and to select from Current requests the tab From me and to click on the Cancel button.
  5. What should I do if during my paid leave I go sick and can't log in the system?
    Contact your HR representative and inform her.
  6. Can I use more days of paid leave than what I have in my balance?
    The system does not allow to use more days than you already have accrued. If you need more days, use unpaid or some other type of leave.
  1. How to integrate TIMEOFF.GURU with Microsoft Active Directory?
    Description of the user authentication integration process with MS Active Directory and the required steps to perform in both systems.
  2. How to use the data in TIMEOFF.GURU in another application?
    Read the TIMEOFF.GURU API description.
  1. Can we extend the trial period of TIMEOFF.GURU?
    Generally we consider 14 days to be enough to get acquainted with the TIMEOFF.GURU functionality. At the same time we understand that unforeseen circumstances might have prevented you to fully discover the system's capabilities. If that is the case, please contact us and we will assist you in all cases.

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