We won 2 awards at once

What? How many?

Not one, but two prizes were awarded to us by Capterra. In the Attendance Tracking Software category, which includes nearly 180 software solutions, TIMEOFF.GURU was honored with all possible awards: for BEST VALUE and BEST EASE OF USE.

Wait, what is this "Capterra"?

Perhaps most of you have heard of the consulting company Gartner. Capterra is part of their digital portfolio and represents a platform that can assists you in choosing various software solutions. With over 400,000 verified reviews in more than 500 categories, Capterra enables everyone to choose the most suitable solution.

And why exactly did you win these awards?

Every year, Capterra awards products with an average rating above 4.5 out of 5. The "BEST" awards are for the highest-rated products by users in a specific software category. In the Attendance Tracking Software category, TIMEOFF.GURU has a rating of 5 out of 5 in terms of both "Ease of use" and "Value for money".

Well, good. And now what?

Receiving these awards means a lot to our company and the team working on TIMEOFF.GURU. They motivate us to continue making even better software for our clients. Our mission is to simplify people's lives and make the tedious process of requesting leave more enjoyable, colorful, and faster. So - we continue moving forward!

If you wish to do something good both for the organization and for the people, to simplify the leave of absence request process, to minimize the expenses, and to better coordinate your teams, then TIMEOFF.GURU is created exactly for that reason.

Show the solution to your colleagues and see for yourself how convenient and easy everything becomes with TIMEOFF.GURU. With just a few clicks, you have a request, approval, report, and a view of the overall absence calendar. Without unnecessary bureaucracy, without piles of paper, without hours of processing.