How to avoid working while on vacation?

It happened before. Most probably more than once. When you eagerly anticipate that long-awaited vacation when you definitely will leave your phone and laptop aside and indulge in rest, right? However, in reality it often turns out differently. Countless emails with ASAP deadlines, quick calls from colleagues related to a project or client, not-so-quick calls from clients, and so on.

Fortunately, there is are ways to address this situation with some simple but important steps. The first of these is for your organization to use a proper leave management system. Like TIMEOFF.GURU.

The next step for your upcoming vacation is to


This step is crucial so that all colleagues you work with can see when you intend to rest. The purpose is also to avoid any overlapping leaves. In TIMEOFF.GURU's calendar, you can add and remove entire departments and/or specific colleagues, as well as show them by prefered color. Moreover, in the context of remote work, you can conveniently see in real-time which colleagues are online and which are absent.

Of course, planning is only one step, so it is vert important with a few more quick clicks to


When you have decided on the dates, of course. In our vacation management tool this is done intuitively by marking the desired days and choosing the type of leave (paid and unpaid annual leave, compensation). In TIMEOFF.GURU, different stages of approval can be configured, such as whether it should be approved by a direct manager, the HR department, etc. It is crucial for your active rest to


If applicable to your position in the company, it is good to have someone to cover for you during your vacation. This way, you delegate the current tasks that need to be moved and/or completed during your absence. When this function is enabled, your deputies will be notified during the leave application process. When choosing the days, type of leave, and deputies, you have also the opportunity to inform other colleagues, with whom you might be working on a common projects.

If you are in a managerial position in the organizational structure and part of the employees' applications will await your approval, you can set up the applications to be redirected to your deputy, who will take care of this process during your vacation.


Now all that remains is to


so that colleagues and clients know who to rely on during your absence, and where alternatively to find you if the case is really urgent. And to avoid the temptation to "just check one quick email," it's best to


and if you are very, very bold and really want to have a good rest, why not also


We've provided guidelines for your peaceful vacation. For you, the "worry" remains to be with your loved ones, to visit the places you've been postponing for so long, or just to be alone with a good book in hand.

Enjoy your vacation!

If you wish to do something good both for the organization and for the people, to simplify the leave of absence request process, to minimize the expenses, and to better coordinate your teams, then TIMEOFF.GURU is created exactly for that reason.

Show the solution to your colleagues and see for yourself how convenient and easy everything becomes with TIMEOFF.GURU. With just a few clicks, you have a request, approval, report, and a view of the overall absence calendar. Without unnecessary bureaucracy, without piles of paper, without hours of processing.