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Version 2.0 of the TIMEOFF.GURU API provides an even faster and more efficient way to use your data about the leaves in other systems and scenarios

What is an API?

For people who don't speak Java and SQL, API (Application Programming Interface) gives means for exchanging information between systems. With API's help data is shared between different applications, allowing the content created in one of them (for example, TIMEOFF•GURU) to be dynamically updated in other systems. And this happens completely automatically.

What do you mean by information exchange? What about my personal data, GDPR?!

Don't worry. It doesn't mean that users' information is flying back and forth between systems and is accessible for everybody on the Internet. Data is exchanged only via secure protocol and between strictrly defined participants (systems) in the process.

Still, what information is transmitted by the TIMEOFF.GURU API?

Data about leaves. The full description of the TIMEOFF.GURU API and the information it can transmit to another systems are publicly available. We want to help as much as we can for the development of interfaces that consume data from our leave system.

How can I use the TIMEOFF.GURU API?

We will provide you with a special key (token) with which you will be able to access the API for your company. We will also secure the connection via other means to make sure your data is safe during the transit.

If you wish to do something good both for the organization and for the people, to simplify the leave of absence request process, to minimize the expenses, and to better coordinate your teams, then TIMEOFF.GURU is created exactly for that reason.

Show the solution to your colleagues and see for yourself how convenient and easy everything becomes with TIMEOFF.GURU. With just a few clicks, you have a request, approval, report, and a view of the overall absence calendar. Without unnecessary bureaucracy, without piles of paper, without hours of processing.